Your Pinterest Homework – Create an “Olympic Peninsula” Board

I was honored with the opportunity to do a talk at the Olympic Peninsula Tourism Summit, “Peak Pinterest in Your Business”. It was fun to introduce this social media tool and encourage people to participate with a little homework. Sign up with Pinterest. Create an “Olympic Peninsula” Board. Pin photos, videos, and content of the Olympic Peninsula. Repin peeps’ stunning images to build community and create this amazing invitation to visit us on the Olympic Peninsula.
Here are my slides from the talk to get you started! Go, man, go!


FAQ to Renne: What does your closet look like?

Question: What does your closet look like?

Answer: People often ask me this question about my closet after seeing me in various outfits. Most of the time they answer their own question correctly. “Is it all lined up in rainbow order?” Pretty much, yes! I like to line up colors by inside out spectrum order: Yellow, Orange, Coral, Red, Magenta, Pink, Purple, Blue, Cyan, and Green.

This photo is of my tops section, kind of squish to fit in my square photo format. There are a few tops (very few!) next to the magenta you can’t see: purple, cyan, green, multi-colored and even black. Then the skirts and dresses are in color-coded order as well on the other side of the closet.

With this closet layout, it is easy to pick out colored outfits for the day to suit my mood or the particular message I need to deliver.

What does your closet look like?