Peninsula College   smARTies

Teaching Philosophy
I teach art to facilitate innovation and exploration. Artistry creates empowerment by self-expression and opportunities to develop responsibility, confidence, problem solving skills, and independent research. Fun project-based assignments and collaborative coursework encourage essential skills and real-world experience within my classroom. I require active participation and commitment of my students to explore, learn, work together, and to discover their own potential. The pursuit of art is illustrated with color, design, visual vocabulary, identity, and history. To some art might appear to be just fun with colors, but I hope students aspire for more. Art is action-packed articulation and a transcending means of communication. Artistic accomplishments reveal our capability to experience the world through the senses of another. These open expressions and perspectives build acceptance, respect, and ultimately the sense of community. How do you express yourself? I focus on facilitating expression that is uniquely your own. I encourage the exploration of personal expression by generating inquiry that leads to research, journaling, mind mapping, and playing. I create an instructive environment that gives you the freedom to explore your potential with reassurance, assistance, and individual attention; you will gain practical knowledge and integrated techniques while retaining artistic integrity and your personal vision.