Hey! Who has contributed to this #DigitalStorytelling Project? I am super proud of Clara Hill @claylasue completing her Media Integrated Studies Honors Project that included this video with her classmates! https://youtu.be/l03D2m1W8lo Please watch it! To quote her, “Introducing large projects going on in @secondlife for @peninsulacollege The Hero’s Journey and Guided Pathways curated by Renne Emiko Brock. A Student Collaborative project in an immersive 3D environment. The students experience working with teams, following style guides, and add their own work. This is a chance for students to build their portfolio with work and actually get to see their projects in use. Second Life has been to me a platform to share digital work with other students, a place where one can express themselves in the most unlikely manner. I have learned a lot from it, and I have had the pleasure of being a part of it. I know more about storytelling then I have ever known before. I have been a part of a long journey, and I have found that there is a hero in me, and everyone else who is on a path, even if they are trying to figure out that path still.” – Clara Sue Hill #besuper #PenColMedia We are grateful to Etopia EcoCommunities in SL hosting our project on their sim!

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Looking forward to my @peninsulacollege Media 224 Digital Storytelling students’ Final Presentations and Demonstration tomorrow. They have been working together adding to our Digital Storytelling New Student Orientation project based on The Hero’s Journey. Here you discover your destiny along the Guided Pathways Areas of Study and visit our virtual learning environment for inclusive engagement and student support in @secondlife #PCProud #besuper #digitalstorytelling #edtech #virtualworld

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#besuper Our mission as superheroes and creatives is not to outshine, it is to shed light and lead the way!

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My custom hologram Mary Janes by @goldenponieshoes arrived just in time for http://bit.ly/2R0t76A June 7 Art Walk color theme is White and the whole visible spectrum! White represents inclusive acceptance, optimistic opportunities, hope, open minds, pure and thoughtful actions, friendly impressions, and blank canvases that are receptive to any positive vision. White is all visible colors of the rainbow! #sequimbff #besuper

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Stay true to yourself and let your passion be your guide. Pursue what you love and support others to discover theirs. Thank you! ❤️#besuper

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Creators gonna make, make, make, make! Shared with students today how I used my 22 year old painted galaxy art apparel to make new virtual goods. #makestuff #smartart #virtualgoods #PenColMedia #besuper

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Starting the New Year by Uploading a Slideshow!

A graphic to express project based learning
Slide from presentation about Digital Storytelling.
A slide from my presentation!

At the 2018 Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference in San Francisco, I presented on Superheroes’ Transformative Digital Storytelling. I was delighted to share my Peninsula College coursework and the systems I use to weave students’ experiences with heroic adventures.

Empower agency and reveal superhero skills with immersive lessons that activate educational transformations using storytelling techniques including reflective origins, challenging problems, and creative solutions to evolve students into exceptional mentors utilizing technology, art, and imagination.

Develop artful solutions using storytelling technology to inspire and overcome challenges by telling unique accounts as an active learning modality.

Students are superheroes and education is an equity mutation. Virtual environments unlock their potential because anything is possible. We recognize the catalyst and hero’s journey that makes each student unique through positive persistence to persevere achievements beyond the classroom.

Want to visit? Let’s connect or find me in Second Life! Here is the slideshow from that presentation!