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Creators gonna make, make, make, make! Shared with students today how I used my 22 year old painted galaxy art apparel to make new virtual goods. #makestuff #smartart #virtualgoods #PenColMedia #besuper

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Starting the New Year by Uploading a Slideshow!

A graphic to express project based learning
Slide from presentation about Digital Storytelling.
A slide from my presentation!

At the 2018 Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference in San Francisco, I presented on Superheroes’ Transformative Digital Storytelling. I was delighted to share my Peninsula College coursework and the systems I use to weave students’ experiences with heroic adventures.

Empower agency and reveal superhero skills with immersive lessons that activate educational transformations using storytelling techniques including reflective origins, challenging problems, and creative solutions to evolve students into exceptional mentors utilizing technology, art, and imagination.

Develop artful solutions using storytelling technology to inspire and overcome challenges by telling unique accounts as an active learning modality.

Students are superheroes and education is an equity mutation. Virtual environments unlock their potential because anything is possible. We recognize the catalyst and hero’s journey that makes each student unique through positive persistence to persevere achievements beyond the classroom.

Want to visit? Let’s connect or find me in Second Life! Here is the slideshow from that presentation!

Happy Winter Solstice! As we celebrate the return of sunlight, let’s renew our devotion to our solar system. Earth is the only planet not named after a goddess or god, so it is our responsibility to take excellent care of our planet now and for future generations. #wintersolstice #besuper

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#besuper I had the honor to present “Superheroes’ Transformative Digital Storytelling” at the Rockcliffe University Consortium Conference. Empowering agency & educational evolution in virtual & physical learning environments with @peninsulacollege #PenColMedia students in @secondlife like Clara / @fluffyunicorn288 #digitalstorytelling #superhero #theherosjourney #virtualworlds #MixedReality #VR #AR #VW #EdTech #digitalcitizenship #RUCC18 #avatar #agency

Encourage people to use their power and make a difference! Register to vote! Then VOTE! Today is the last day to register to vote in Washington. #besuper #vote #bethedifference #leadbyexample #rockthevote