🌟I am so excited to share with you that my book, “action-packed superheroes: your guide to revealing and utilizing your superpowers”, is available on @amazon at https://amzn.to/2ZQqsno Thank you all for your encouragement! ✨#besuper #superhero #superpowers #colortheory #creativity #integrity #superheroes


Bamf! My book illustrations printed on fabric arrived today from @spoonflower for our @tacomaartmuseum @brainenergysupportteam (BEST) #Superheroes exhibition! Opening reception October 17! So ecstatic!!! #besuper #tbi #superhero #support

As Bow Girl, this summer I have been focusing on some superhero stuff. Not just my favorite stuff of pointing and telling people what to do. So appreciative to teach, classes start September 23! #besuper @peninsulacollege

At 6:15 PM, please join me for my talk & walk along the beach during the July 5 SequimArtWalk.com at Sequim Civic Center called “Message in a Bottle – Visual and Virtual Storytelling in Art” at 152 W. Cedar St. Thank you! #sequimbff #digitalstorytelling #virtualworld #VW #secondlife #education #edtech #art #superhero #theherosjourney #besuper

“Message in a Bottle – Visual and Virtual Storytelling in Art” Please join me for my talk during the July 5 SequimArtWalk.com at 6:15 PM at Sequim Civic Center, 152 W. Cedar St. #sequimbff #digitalstorytelling #virtualworld #VW #secondlife #education #edtech #art #superhero #theherosjourney #besuper

Hey! Who has contributed to this #DigitalStorytelling Project? I am super proud of Clara Hill @claylasue completing her Media Integrated Studies Honors Project that included this video with her classmates! https://youtu.be/l03D2m1W8lo Please watch it! To quote her, “Introducing large projects going on in @secondlife for @peninsulacollege The Hero’s Journey and Guided Pathways curated by Renne Emiko Brock. A Student Collaborative project in an immersive 3D environment. The students experience working with teams, following style guides, and add their own work. This is a chance for students to build their portfolio with work and actually get to see their projects in use. Second Life has been to me a platform to share digital work with other students, a place where one can express themselves in the most unlikely manner. I have learned a lot from it, and I have had the pleasure of being a part of it. I know more about storytelling then I have ever known before. I have been a part of a long journey, and I have found that there is a hero in me, and everyone else who is on a path, even if they are trying to figure out that path still.” – Clara Sue Hill #besuper #PenColMedia We are grateful to Etopia EcoCommunities in SL hosting our project on their sim!

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Looking forward to my @peninsulacollege Media 224 Digital Storytelling students’ Final Presentations and Demonstration tomorrow. They have been working together adding to our Digital Storytelling New Student Orientation project based on The Hero’s Journey. Here you discover your destiny along the Guided Pathways Areas of Study and visit our virtual learning environment for inclusive engagement and student support in @secondlife #PCProud #besuper #digitalstorytelling #edtech #virtualworld

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